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U2 360º Barcelona - Bono Singing Billie Jean & Don’t Stop till You Get Enough

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Michael Jackson at the 1999 Bollywood awards

requested by anonymous

Marvin Butts, former Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard - ‘Michael Was An Angel’

22nd September 2014 7:10
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Who are you to judge?

22nd September 2014 4:20
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Sorry I’m slow.So you know the Michael/Janet Jackson short film scream? You know when they’re in the spaceship and screaming about how everyone bashes them? It It a metaphor. When you’re in space, there is no noise right? And there is a famous quote” when you’re in space, nobody can hear you scream” So basically they’re screaming,in space and noone is listening

22nd September 2014 4:16
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I LOVE this. It’s Michael and Janet’s “Scream” acapella. I get chills every time. Michael’s guttural singing + Jan diggin’ a little deeper for a stronger vocal + the harmonies on the chorus + the foot stomps and finger snaps? Man LISTEN. All of that is lost when the instrumental is on the track. Every time this shuffles onto my iTunes, I stop whatever I’m doing, lean back with eyes closed and absorb every bit of awesome sauce that this song is bringing.

22nd September 2014 4:09
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“Michael is quite amazing to me because he’s working with these people that have made a living of this, I mean have studied this for a greater portion of their lives. And he’ll walk into the studio and purely on rhythm, I mean I will only give him a rhythm of a step.. And he does it! You know, and it really just.. it’s fascinating! Because here are these people, you know, who have spent x amount of thousands of dollars training, studying to be dancers for all their lives. And here is this kid who walks into the room, and you say ‘this is the beat - dat dara dara!’ And he does it! And it’s really wonderful to watch because it’s a unique gift that he has. He’s a dancer in his soul.” ― Michael Peters (Choreographer for ‘Thriller’)

21st September 2014 2:27
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The Jacksons Variety Show.