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I come alive when I’m onstage or in the studio or doing a film. I’m confident and aggressive - but that’s not hard for me. Onstage I’m playing a role: I know what’s expected of me and what I have to do. It’s all very well planned. Life isn’t well planned: it’s unpredictable. It scares me! It’s so much harder than being onstage. - Michael Jackson, (Rock & Soul 1983.)

1st June 2014 7:45
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“Sometimes we would sit down and he would talk to me about the things that he had done. He loved doing that. […] He would only tell me about it.” (Katherine Jackson, Life of an Icon)

15th May 2014 10:17
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Please take some time away from your regular fandom blogging and reblog this photo of some of the 200+ schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria. This photo is a still from a video released today by the kidnappers. It is vital that people do not forget about them and keep demanding #bringbackourgirls

Boko Haram, like the Taliban militants who shot Malala Yousafzai, fear above all an educated, free thinking woman. This crisis will not go away until we address this issue.

P.S Do NOT use this post and others like this as an excuse to hate on Muslims or Islam or African nations. Only in our humanity will we find true peace.


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The Queen paying tribute to the KING.

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Love you.


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Today In Michael Jackson History

May 15th, 1988

Michael Jackson’s autobiography, “Moonwalk,” debuted at #1 on the “New York Times” best-seller list.

15th May 2014 9:58
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Tell them that it’s human nature.

21st April 2014 3:17
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Amazing art with a serious message


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Michael Jackson ~ Black or White Outakes RARE